Sunday, July 28, 2019

Finance Assignment Wal-Mart Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Finance Wal-Mart - Assignment Example Walmart operates in Mexico with its first overseas store being a Sam’s Club situated in Mexico City in 1991. In Mexico, there are 2,290 retail stores as of 2015 with 251 Walmart Supercenters, and 160 Sam’s Clubs. By January 2014, Walmart had 209,878 employees in its Mexican stores, clubs, and retails (n.d.). a) Walmart’s annual report for the financial year that ended 2014 addresses foreign exchange risk management in the section â€Å"Foreign Currency Risk† (Walmart 31). This segment argues that Walmart is susceptible to variations in the value of foreign currency because of its â€Å"net investments and operations in nations other than the United States† (31). c) The type of currency exposure that Walmart hedges is instabilities in overseas currency exchange rates. This type of exposure is related often to the predicted outflows of â€Å"principal and interest of non-US denominated debt† (31). d) One hedging techniques used by Walmart is taking part in currency swaps and labeling particular overseas-currency denominated, longstanding debt as â€Å"net investment hedges† (31). Another technique is labeling overseas-currency denominated, longstanding debt as â€Å"nonderivative hedges of net investments† of particular overseas activities (32). Nigeria seems to be the biggest concern in terms of currency volatility and country risk. Today, political views and policies are dependent on key deviation in policy course provide the personality-oriented characteristic of Nigerian political affairs. In 2015, currency matters will be the focus of the Central Bank of Nigeria (BMI Research 2015). After the aggressive tightening of monetary measures in November 2014, the Central Bank of Nigeria may find it essential to add tightening courses of action in an attempt to anchor inflation anticipations and calm nervous markets. These tightening courses of action make up the leading cause of currency issues in Nigeria for Walmart (2015).

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