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Muti questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Muti questions - Essay Example (5 marks) Pearl Harbour was the best geographical place for an attack; it was close enough to japan than other places like San Francisco. The more the Japanese attackers moved closer the more they were going to be detected hence a place far away was best suited for them. They wanted to stop any interference coming from the USA government of wanting to attack the Dutch, Singapore, Burma, Malaysia and South Asia. Japan wanted to take over the oil resources of South Asia because the American government had stopped selling oil to them because of their hostility in China (Takaki 323). The pearl harbour had the majority of the USA`s naval force. For Japan to win over America forces, they wanted to destroy most of its naval force that existed in Pearl Harbour. They wanted as well to avoid immediate retaliation of the USA because the needed time to regroup after their naval base was destroyed. Some people in the American government were getting suspicious that the Japanese would attack them, Japanese felt that were running out time and soon the USA government would discover the attack they were planning. The nearest place for them to execute their attack plan was in the harbour. The Japanese army was in control of government resources and they wished that one day that they would conquer all of China. American was not being fair by trying to stop this from happening. What led to the increase in spending in Reagan`s spending 1987? (3 marks) President Reagan financed the development of nuclear weapons. Funds were directed to the research and development of nuclear weapons. Defence spending under Reagan`s government were more than usual. The impacts of World War 2 were still being felt in the USA and the president wanted to put back the economy at its feet. What factors led to the migration of the Vietnamese to USA? (5 marks) Individuals from Vietnam were poverty stricken hence they had to move and find resources elsewhere. The Vietnam country was facing Economic hardships Continuous war in Vietnam led to the immigration of Vietnamese to the USA because peace existed there. There existed social struggle in Vietnam. The country had no Political stability. How did Harry S. Truman manage the war after the death of President Franklin (5marks) (Takaki 373) At first Truman felt he was not a man enough to take the place of Franklin who had just died. He had the problem of continuing the war which wasn’t finished. In his mind the fastest way to finish and win the war was to use atomic weapons against Japan. Trauma worked with the congress and funded heavily in the United Nations and helped in doing away with of communism. He came up with a marshal plan of rebuilding Europe which had been badly destroyed during the war time. He oversaw the lifting of Berlin and the creation of NATO. Trauma`s presidency was a turning point for the country especially in the sector of foreign affairs as America now supported foreign policies and worked closely with other countries. Why were the Americans involved in the Vietnam War? (8 marks) The USA wanted the stop of communism spread in Asia. The Americans strongly opposed communism. Already the USA was in the Vietnam supplying and providing military and financial support. They felt that they needed to be there fully and increases their military personnel. There was a growing risk and support of the National Liberation Front. This was a communist guerrilla group which had attacked the USA in the South Vietnam. The political ego of

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