Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Compare and Contrast Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 7

Compare and Contrast - Essay Example They bring with them different cultures, values and religions. It is considered to be a good aspect by the sociologists and the educated groups but there is a different picture to it as well. Immigration serves to provide immigrants with an opportunity to move ahead but at the same time it is also disliked by many people and immigrants are often criticized and subjected to racist sentiments and discriminated against. Immigrants come with the hope of getting better opportunities in the more developed nations of the world like people move from Mexico and cross the border to the enter the United States or they may come from Asia or the Middle East to the U.S. The purpose may be to acquire better education, to lead a comfortable life, gain security, or to earn a good living. Most work hard to achieve their goals. Many universities in the United States have immigrants as students. Most work hard because they have to adapt to a new atmosphere and learn new ideas and things. The racism against Asians in particular Muslims is also an example to support the difficulties faced by this group in the United States. They face difficulties in universities where the nationals do not like mingling with them. The new environment is alien to them but still they try their best to adjust. They leave their culture and move to a totally different place. The immigrants also start working and they even take up blue coll ar jobs if they cant get the jobs of their choice. They hence serve as a workforce to fill in the gaps of jobs that nationals of the developed nations wouldnt do. For example, many Mexicans are seen working as laborers and farmers. Thus they bring about profits and revenue for the country where they migrate. It is also beneficial for the immigrants and their families because in this way they can also send back money to their homelands and support their families living over there. Another very important and interesting aspect of immigration

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