Thursday, September 12, 2019

Leadership theory (transformational theory) the components are Essay

Leadership theory (transformational theory) the components are inspiration & individualized consideration - Essay Example Inspiration in transformational leadership means the positive impact a leader has on his followers. The leader should inspire a vision that brings out the best capabilities of his sub-ordinates and pushes them to give their best. On their level best inspiration will push the sub-ordinates to go beyond the ordinary, inspiring extra-ordinary confidence and optimism about the future and belief in their own capabilities. The theory works well across all cultures and cross-culture as well. In Arabic cultures people are inspired by leaders who have a personal touch to their work. While in western cultures work is non-personal. Nevertheless, both the cultures require an inspiration and leaders in both cultures follow transformational models. Individualized consideration is the second part of transformational leadership theory which actually works reasonably well across cultures. Individualized consideration requires the leader to attend to each sub-ordinate individually, keeping all communication channels open and learning about behavior patterns. This also encourages the sub-ordinates to share ideas and celebrate the idea of individual contribution to a project. Individualized consideration works because the leader acts like mentor instead of a bureaucratic boss. Sub-ordinates warm up to the idea of contributing more to their jobs than routine work and they also feel that they are being given special attention by their bosses. Secondly, transformational leadership has lead leaders to work more efficiently in different cultures and different settings due to its wide acceptance. The Internet has made the sub-ordinates more open to transformational type of leadership which is helping different cultures assimilate. A few days back I decided to take up a small job as the store manager. It wasn’t something I hadn’t done before. Back in high school I had worked with my dad at his shop but to work for someone else is new to

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