Sunday, September 8, 2019

Why is implementation so difficult Discuss Essay

Why is implementation so difficult Discuss - Essay Example ills, there is need for cross-functional expertise and efforts, because the management team and strategic thinker may not have cross functional excellence. Instead, the changes should be implemented gradually, starting with the skills that can be learned and mastered easily. For instance a thinking and action system is whereby an organization is made up of interdependent elements, which must be considered. Changing one thing may not be enough and may have a ripple effect which affects other elements, including organizational arrangement, technology, individual behavior and social factors. Because a business needs to be seen as a ‘whole’, implementation should take care of connected elements as a whole (Lazin 86). Additionally, strategic motivation should be implemented to ensure that enthusiastic participation of inspired organization officials. In spite of the strategic motivation, the officials should adapt with times considering that the rapidly changing environment makes past strategic options obsolete. In turn the officials should revise strategy continuously, gain knowledge from feed back and reassess past decisions. However, failure to assess sources of internal resistance occurs because forces of inertia are underestimated. According to Knaap (269), decision makers should therefore conduct broad research to obtain as much knowledge as possible to be used in designing a policy, understanding and identifying best implementation approaches. The alternatives should be tested to identify the cost effective, review the impact of different approaches, learning from testing enabled implementers to launch policies with and time quick time table that will speed up implementation. Consequently, they should develop an implementation plan which will specify the roles, responsibilities and dead line for implementers. In order for the decision makers to manage barriers to change, there is need to identify potential resistance from people responsible for

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